Annotation Function

The Detekt viewer enables everyone to train their own AI models from scratch. An integrated functionality allows you to annotate objects of your choosing an train your own individual AI model for object detection. Existing detections can be transformed into annotations to further improve existing models as well.

Visualize Area

Toggle on or off to visualize the area within a drawn polygon.


Use the slider to change the opacity of the visualized area.

Select Object Class

Each free-form polygon can be saved as new annotation to an existing object class which serves as training data for model training of individual objects. After drawing the polygon, select an object class from the dropdown menu.


Undo the last action.


Discard annotation.


Save annotation.

Show Annotations

Show or hide annotations.

Annotations Opacity

Change the opacity of the visualized area of annotations.

Show Detections

Show or hide detections.

Detections Opacity

Change the opacity of the visualized area of detections.

Complete Image Annotation

Complete the annotation process once every instance of each selected object class is annotated.