Getting Started

The Detekt Viewer is a key component of our geospatial data platform and manages all detections that are made within the mobile mapping image data. Key functionalities include:

  • Assessment of road damage, road sign and road marking detections detections within image data, point clouds and on the map
  • Overview of road condition across the whole area
  • Correction of detections (shape and object class)
  • Annotation of new objects for model training
  • Measuring of distances and areas

Standard View

In the standard view, the viewer displays mobile mapping image data in the primary container, accompanied by a map in the secondary container. To select a different content in any of the containers, simply selected a data modality from the icons menu in the top left corner. Both containers can display content with a variety of options which are described in detail on the Viewing Options page.

Address Search

Search for an address within the vincinity and directly jump to the desired location.

WFS/GIS Import

Below the use cases in the inspection tab, you can find the option to import existing GIS data from a Web Feature Service (WFS).

  • Select a Use Case Name of your Choice and paste the URL
  • Click Continue
  • In the second window, select the layers you want to import, give it an optional custom name, choose a color and click the + button to add the layers. After clicking Import, the selected layers will the displayed in the map and the aerial/satellite images.