Viewing Options

The standard setting in the Detekt viewer shows a large primary window (image below: mobile mapping data) with a secondary window (image below: map) below and a side panel to the right. Both windows and the side panel can be arranged with a variety of options to suit the users' displaying needs.

Windowed View

Windowed view overlays the secondary container on the primary container. The secondary container can then be resized in the bottom right corner.

Drag Button

In the windowed view, the secondary container's position can be changed using the drag button.

Primary Window only

The secondary window can be hidden completely. To show it again, click the button again in the center top of the primary container or select "Show Secondary Window" in the settings panel.

Horizontal Slider

The side panel width can be adjusted using the horizontal slider, a click on the arrow button while hovering over it hides the side panel completely.