Advanced Object Detection in Mobile Mapping Data

Make full use of your geospatial data. Our innovative software automatically detects objects and defects, such as road damages, road signs and road markings.

Millions of km of road network

We are offering millions of up-to-date images and LiDAR point cloud data across the globe with immediate access.

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Road damages detection with artificial intelligenceRoad damages detection with artificial intelligence
Road Damages
Road markings detection with artificial intelligenceRoad markings detection with artificial intelligence
Road Markings
Road signs detection with artificial intelligenceRoad signs detection with artificial intelligence
Road Signs

Developed by AI and Computer Vision Professionals

Detekt is a modern geospatial data platform for object detection in mobile mapping data, supporting the entire asset management life cycle. It works with spatial data from vehicles, drones or portable recording devices.

Our application is manufacturer-independent and supports GIS data, point clouds as well as georeferenced images with a wide variety of localization features.

Depending on the data source and use case, each detected object can be classified, measured, and its exact position determined.

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Bringing Mobile Mapping Data to Life

Detekt is manufacturer-independent and works with GIS data, point clouds as well as georeferenced images with a wide variety of localization features. Already existing objects or classes can be imported as shapefiles for further use.

Panoramic 360° images
Panoramic 360°
Object detection with Artificial Intelligence in dashboard camera or mobile phone images
Dashboard Cameras / Mobile Phones
Image taken with a drone
LiDAR / Point cloud data
LiDAR / Point Cloud
Aerial & satellite images
Aerial & Satellite

Features in a Nutshell


Localization with an accuracy
up to 5 cm / 2 in depending on data type & quality


Detekt works with all common data formats

Freedom of Choice

Avoid vendor lock-in with data capturing or mobile mapping providers


On-premises or cloud deployment

Continuous Improvement

Models are continuously improved through constant annotation & training


Modular architecture enables easy application of new use cases
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co-nominated for the EPSA 2021