May 9, 2024
Customer Success Story

Elevating Vienna's Urban Infrastructure Management with Detekt


In the heart of Europe lies the City of Vienna, Austria's illustrious capital, celebrated not only for its historical beauty and cultural richness but also for its forward-thinking urban planning and sustainable development strategies. Leading the charge in these efforts is the Municipal Department 41 – Surveying and Mapping, Vienna's dedicated agency for surveying and mapping the city's evolving landscape.

This department’s commitment to digitization and innovation is pivotal in upholding and enhancing Vienna's extensive infrastructure network and public spaces, further cementing the city's status as a beacon of sustainable urban development.

The Challenge

Tasked with the responsibility of managing Vienna's vast urban infrastructure, city management faced the daunting challenge of modernizing and maintaining its urban infrastructure. The "Wien Gibt Raum" (Vienna Provides Space) initiative marked the city's ambitious leap towards the digitization of its urban public spaces.

Over time, this initiative evolved into a recurring surveying effort, with Vienna employing mobile mapping systems from various companies for regular data capture campaigns. Additionally the web service “Kappazunder” was launched as a new service. Despite these efforts, different departments are responsible for street furniture objects (for example road signs, road markings, pavement condition), and all of them face the challenge of providing up to date information regarding these objects.

The Solution

Determined to overcome these obstacles, the City of Vienna - Municipal Department for Surveying and Mapping (MA 41) as well as the IT Department (MA 01) and other departments responsible for street furniture sought a solution capable of harnessing advanced AI algorithms to automate the assessment process. Their requirements were clear: a cutting-edge platform that could accurately locate and evaluate roadside assets, such as road signs, road markings, and pavement conditions, irrespective of the data provider. Additionally, it was crucial that the results could be easily visualized and shared through an intuitive, user-friendly data viewer hosted on-premises in their data center.

The Detekt Difference

Detekt emerged as the perfect solution to meet the City of Vienna's complex needs. Our AI-powered models delivered good accuracy in detecting and classifying road signs, road markings, and damages across Vienna's 4,600 km road network, which is thoroughly mapped every three years. The versatility of our solution - featuring manufacturer-independent inference and a web viewer - provided a seamless, user-friendly data pipeline that empowered decision-makers across various departments, from urban planning to maintenance, to access critical information effortlessly.

The Outcome: A Benchmark in Urban Infrastructure Management

Detekt's implementation in Vienna stands as a testament to the transformative power of AI in urban infrastructure management. Our solution's impact is quantifiable and impressive:

  • Road Signs: Achieved over 98% accuracy in detection and classification, ensuring precise identification and management.
  • Road Markings: Demonstrated over 93% accuracy, facilitating detailed analysis and maintenance planning.
  • Road Damages: Delivered more than 90% accuracy, enabling efficient detection and assessment of pavement damages.

These performance metrics underscore Detekt's role in significantly enhancing Vienna's urban planning and maintenance strategies. Our collaboration with the City of Vienna exemplifies how innovative technology can revolutionize urban infrastructure management, paving the way for smarter, more sustainable cities around the globe.

As we reflect on this successful partnership, we are inspired by the potential of our technology to drive positive change in cities worldwide. Detekt remains committed to pushing the boundaries of AI and technology to support urban development initiatives that ensure vibrant, sustainable futures for communities everywhere.

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