April 15, 2024

Hexagon event Vienna - Recap

Last week we visited the HxGN LIVE Leica Tour Austria 2024 in Vienna.

Main takeaways and key findings

☁️ Cloud Migration in Data Workflows: Despite hesitations, there's a noticeable shift towards cloud-based data processing, management, and evaluation, signaling a transformative period in the public sector.

🔍 Accelerated Insights with GeoAI: GeoAI emerged as a key focus, enabling customers to extract valuable information from geospatial data at unprecedented speeds, revolutionizing data analysis capabilities.

🚀 Data Capturing Modalities: Data capturing modalities are becoming more "mobile", yet ever more accurate at the same time, reflecting the industry's commitment to innovation and precision.

A big thank you to Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon and Leica Geosystems Austria GmbH for the invaluable insights and opportunities presented at the event! 🌍✨