April 15, 2024
Customer Success Story

TomTom and Detekt Transform Road Asset Management Globally

A Deep Dive into Leveraging Mobile Mapping Data for Streamlining Road Asset Maintenance.

About TomTom

Founded in 1991, TomTom is a global leader in navigation, traffic, and map products, renowned for its accuracy and innovation. With over 20 years of experience in mobile mapping technology, TomTom has continuously pushed the boundaries of mapping solutions for businesses and consumers worldwide. 

From its pioneering deployment of mobile mapping vans equipped with advanced sensors and GPS hardware to the use of cutting-edge spherical cameras and LiDAR technology, TomTom captures mobile mapping data on a global scale, ensuring up-to-date and precise geographic details. Nowadays, TomTom owns a large fleet of hundreds of equipped cars, collecting 3+ million km every year around the world, and at least 1 terabyte of data daily.

TomTom “MoMa” equipped vehicle with LadyBug 5 panoramic camera and Velodyne LiDAR scanner

The Challenge

Many municipalities and road authorities grapple with the cumbersome task of managing and maintaining their road assets, including road signs, road markings, and pavement conditions, using outdated manual assessment methods. These traditional methods are inefficient because they demand extensive manpower to assess hundreds of kilometers, resulting in exorbitant costs as a consequence. Moreover, human judgment is often much more inaccurate than we might hope to expect. 

While Mobile Mapping systems have emerged as a promising solution for their speed and accuracy, the high cost associated with regular data capturing poses a significant barrier. As a result, smaller municipalities with a limited budget for digitization and innovation often find themselves excluded from accessing these more efficient methods. 

Additionally, even when raw data is available, its full potential remains untapped as city officials and maintenance workers must spend significant time and effort manually extracting necessary information from it.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, TomTom and Detekt have joined forces to address the challenges faced by municipalities and road authorities, offering a comprehensive solution. 

As a global leader, TomTom is known for its high quality data and privacy standards, capturing mobile mapping data regularly around the world. Existing and on-demand data can be obtained at a fraction of the cost compared to regular mobile mapping campaigns. 

Detekt's solution seamlessly integrates with any mobile mapping setup, providing off-the-shelf analytics capabilities for mobile mapping data.

By combining TomTom's global coverage of up-to-date mapping data with Detekt's pixel-accurate detection and user-friendly data viewer, municipalities and road authorities can now efficiently streamline their road assessment workflow.

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Road Damages Detection
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