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Transform Manual Processes
with Mobile Mapping

Discover how Detekt's GeoAI solution empowers organizations with street-level images and point cloud data for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.

Why Mobile Mapping


Mobile mapping data offers precise and accurate road asset measurements, significantly reducing human errors inherent in manual processes


Mobile mapping technology enables rapid data gathering, cutting down the survey time for road assets compared to traditional manual techniques


Automating data collection with mobile mapping equipment significantly lowers the labor expenses tied to manual surveying tasks


Mobile mapping technology's scalability and adaptability make it ideal for infrastructure projects of any size, from small to expansive road networks

What Data to Include

Panoramic or frame camera images
for detections above the road
Frame camera image
Pavement camera images
for detections on the road
Pavement camera image
Point cloud data
for fusing detections
High resolution point cloud
GNSS data
for localization in 3D world coordinates
GNSS data

How can I benefit from it


The Detekt viewer supports any geospatial data - including street level images, aerial images, GIS and point cloud data. Collected with mobile mapping systems, action cameras, and Lidar.

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Detekt AI models automatically detect, locate, and classify road assets — including traffic signs, road markings, road defects, and more. Save time and reduce manual labor costs for road asset management.

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