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Mobile Mapping Data

The Detekt Viewer supports all types of geospatial data, including street-level, aerial images, GIS, and point cloud data, gathered using mobile mapping systems, action cameras, and LiDAR scanners.

Feature Extraction

Feature extraction in mobile mapping data with AI

Detect and highlight crucial elements such as road signs, road markings, and road damages. Effortlessly import existing objects or classes in any GIS format or from a WFS, guaranteeing a customized analysis that meets your specific requirements.

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Comparison over time

Comparison of detections across various mobile mapping campaigns

Monitor assets throughout their lifecycle by evaluating datasets and detections from multiple mobile mapping campaigns. This method provides crucial insights into changes over time, supporting more informed decision-making.

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Why Detekt

Works with any mapping system

Detekt supports all image and point cloud formats, from mobile mapping systems to 360-degree action cameras. Read more about the minimum requirements here.

Data Privacy Compliance

Automatically redact faces, license plates, persons, and vehicles from all images to ensure compliance with data protection laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

Cloud or

Detekt is available via a web browser or can be installed on-premise using Docker, offering flexible deployment options to suit your preferences.

Integration & Sharing

Our viewer can be embedded into any web page, enabling its use for internal tools or direct sharing with the public to enhance transparency.

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Which image data does Detekt work with?

We can process any image data, including videos, from various sources like planar and stereoscopic images, and 360° captures. Our expertise spans major brands like Teledyne LadyBug, Leica, Trimble, and Riegl. Calibration of any camera setup is crucial to enhance detection accuracy.

What can I do if I don't have any image data available?

We provide millions of current images and LiDAR point cloud data globally, in partnership with TomTom. For further details, please contact our Sales team.

What data is needed for basic georeferencing?

For accurate location determination and proper display in the Viewer, GNSS coordinates (such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, or BEIDOU) and image orientation are essential.

How can the exact position and size of a detection be determined?

Detekt utilizes various methods to precisely locate and determine the size of detected objects or surfaces from provided image depth data:

  • If each image includes camera pose and orientation, we can estimate distances to objects, offering an approximate detection location.
  • Using stereoscopic images, distances are calculated through photogrammetric methods, requiring both interior and exterior orientation as inputs.
  • 3D point clouds, primarily produced via 3D laser scanners and LiDAR technology, facilitate precise measurements and provide more accurate positioning than data derived solely from images.

How can Detekt minimize the number of incorrect detections?

Detekt employs a proprietary method, known as object fusion, to integrate separate detections from various images and data sources. Our custom algorithm not only merges classification and location data but also applies logical weighting to enhance accuracy. Additionally, it tracks and compares identical objects over different times to monitor condition changes.

How do you make sure that GDPR and anonymization requirements are met?

Our viewer incorporates a high-quality, scalable image anonymization tool that blurs faces, bodies, and license plates in panoramas, planar images, and videos.

Can I have Detekt on-premise?

Currently, our enterprise pricing plans only include support for on-premise deployment. For more details, please contact our sales team.