Asset Management

City asset management with Artificial Intelligence

Asset management within a city is crucial to ensure that the city can maintain its infrastructure and future investment decisions are made on the right basis. Depending on the available data, Detekt enables you to identify, locate and measure any object within your city to perform the following tasks:

  • Matching of actual detections with existing asset databases
  • Automated checks if assets are located on their enacted position
  • Identification and inspection of damaged assets
  • Detailed reporting on asset life-cycle

Detekt forms the perfect basis for long term city planning, frees up valuable time and allows greater transparancy and risk mitigation.

Condition Monitoring

City asset condition monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

An asset which is damaged or shut down for maintenance is often difficult to identify and costly. Traditional on-site asset inspection is very time-consuming and inefficient, even if mobile mapping image data is available to perform this task from your desktop. Detekt analyzes existing footage using Artificial Intelligence to identify and classify defects, be it a crack or a damaged traffic sign. Maintenance staff no longer need to manually look for defects or rely on reports from observant citizens and benefit from time savings and an improved maintenance process.

Road Surface & Damage Detection

Road damage detection with Artificial Intelligence
Road damages detection with Artificial Intelligence
actual model performance

Trained from scratch, our road surface & damage detection model allows pixel-accurate detection and classification of the following elements on public roads, bike paths and sidewalks:

  • Various defects such as cracks, alligator cracks, open joints, pot holes and substantial damages
  • Surfaces such as paving stones, concrete pads, rails, track beds, manhole covers
  • Temporary and permanent patches
  • Repaired cracks and closed joints

Traffic Signs

Traffic sign detection with Artificial Intelligence

The Detekt traffic sign recognition model uses a three-step approach to correctly identify each individual sign.

  1. Segmentation of all visible traffic signs
  2. Classification of all traffic signs identified in step 1
  3. Optical character recognition (OCR) on additional signs which contain individual text

Traffic sign segmentation and OCR for additional signs can be performed within any city or country at this moment. Our classification model currently covers the Austrian traffic sign catalogue. Any other catalogue can be easily added within a few weeks with minor necessary annotation work provided by us.

Road Markings

Road markings detection with Artificial Intelligence

Road markings are often subject to a series of deterioration issues or are even missing in certain places. Suitable maintenance like repainting can only be conducted if comprehensive understanding of their as-is condition is known. With Detekt you can easily identify, classify and measure road markings and assess their current condition to provide a proper basis for your roadway management.